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5 reasons to pick up HBO’s The Newsroom on Blu-Ray DVD

5: Go Inside The Episodes with Aaron Sorkin.

Turns out that Sorkin had a grand plan for The Newsroom all along. The commentary is insightful, and we learn deep insight into the show’s final six episode season.

4: Maggie and Jim

Everybody’s favourite will they or won’t they TV couple, (played by the delightful Alison Pill and John Gallagher Jr.) see their friendship put to the test in a episode where they are trying to tail Edward Snowden.

3: Jeff Daniels

There’s a reason that Jeff Daniels won an Emmy award for playing Will McAvoy over some pretty heavy hitters. His character of Will is the psychical centre of the show, and even in an ensemble, Daniels is usually the actor carrying the show. He’s come a long way from Dumb and Dumber.

2: Slon

Sloan Sabbith and Don Keefer came into Season 3 of The Newsroom already together, but the season brings with it a really unexpected turn for Sloan and Don, played with great zeal by Olivia Munn and Thomas Sadoski. The actors are probably the best suited for Sorkin’s rapid fire dialogue, and have some incredible scenes together.

1: The ACN Newsroom

Specifically, the surprises that the place in the final season. Charlie Skinner is incredible well-played by the bow-tied Sam Waterston. It is always a thrill to see Jane Fonda’s Leona Lewis show up, along with her son Reese Lansing, played by Chris Messina, and some welcome new faces appear in Season 3, led by B.J. Novak and Kat Dennings in swerves from what we familiar. And Daniels’ God of Carnage co-star Marcia Gay Harden returns as lawyer Rebecca Halliday! Essentially, the show is a who’s who of scenery-chewing actors, which in no way takes away from the main ensemble.

The Newsroom Season 3 Blu-Ray DVD is available now.