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Top 5 Best Apatow Crew Movies

With This Is The End playing in theatres we decided to take a look back at the best movies of the “Apatow Crew.” Although Judd Apatow isn’t involved in This Is The End in any capacity, his revolving cast of actors, many of whom he helped discover, can all be seen in this who’s who of apocalyptic comedy films. Starring Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride, Jay Baruchel, and James Franco, as well as cameos by almost every other Apatow regular, This Is The End features more comedic talent on screen than any movie in history. Because of this it only seems fitting to find out which previous films starring all these funny people (hint hint) are the top 5 best of all time.

5. 40 Year Old Virgin
40 Year Old Virgin was largely responsible for introducing the world to Judd Apatow, a guy who had been around making great movies and TV well before 40 Year Old Virgin. With Steve Carell at the helm, 40 Year Old Virgin also featured bit parts by many who would go on to become Apatow regulars and eventually star (or cameo) in 40 Year Old Virgin. Seth Rogen was there, Paul Rudd was there, even Jonah Hill was there. While not the laugh out loud funniest of all the Apatow Crew movies to come, 40 Year Old Virgin popularized the current genre of “R-Rated Comedy Box Office Gold” and started a trend of well written comedies that don’t strictly rely on people getting hit in the balls or farting.


4. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
The Apatow Crew once again reunited, this time in Hawaii to make Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Jason Segel was there (as he was in This Is The End), Paul Rudd was there (he too was in This Is The End), and again, Jonah Hill was there. In what might be the most underrated Apatow film to date (although people still love it), Forgetting Sarah Marshall had a bit of heart and a lot of full frontal nudity to go along with all of its hilarity.


3. Knocked Up
Perhaps the laugh out loud funniest Apatow Crew film aside from the one clocking in at number one, Knocked Up finally managed to create the Freaks and Geeks reunion that most people didn’t know they wanted. Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, Martin Starr, Jay Baruchel, Paul Rudd, and oh, Jonah Hill, starred in this absolutely perfect comedy that still remains as quotable as it ever was to this very day. It is also the film that stars more people from This Is The End than any other on the list and serves as what I will pretend is a perfect example of the Apatow Crew’s friendship.


2. Funny People
Funny People is an incredible film that many people wrote off strictly because of its running time. Sure, it’s 2 1/2 hours, sure, it feels like three different movies, and sure, it’s at times more dramatic than it is funny, but that’s what makes it so great. Funny People managed to do what so few movies can; prove that comedy and drama are meant for each other. With so many funny people in front of the camera, including Seth Rogen, Adam Sandler, Azis Ansari, Aubrey Plaza, Jason Schwartzman, and hey, Jonah Hill, Funny People might have confused some people because of it’s dramatic content, but it is still Apatow’s greatest directorial and written work to date and it is still just as amazing as it was when no one got why it was amazing in the first place.


1. Superbad
Oh, Superbad. The film that nearly ruined all future comedies by being the funniest movie ever created. The film that gave us Michael Cera’s flailing hands during his singing of These Eyes by The Guess Who, the film that gave us Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s McLovin, the film that gave us Seth Rogen and Bill Hader ordering road beers, the film that introduced us all to Emma Stone, and oh, the film that gave us more Jonah Hill. Literally everything about Superbad was perfection and it’s only fitting that in one of the funniest films since Superbad we get a mini-reunion of Seth, Evan, and McLovin in This Is The End. So if for no other reason, watch This Is The End for that 10 seconds of on screen bliss when we can all pretend that they made a sequel where Michael Cera finally went rogue.


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