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6 Interesting Facts about NEED FOR SPEED


When watching the trailer for Need For Speed one of the first thoughts that comes to mind is ‘why is there so much CG in the movie’ as well as ‘it cannot compare to Fast and the Furious’. Thankfully after attending a very special advanced screening, director Scott Waugh answered some of these questions and provided insight on his new movie, Need for Speed.

Is there any CGI in the movie?
With a movie like Need for Speed, especially after a poorly cut trailer the movie almost gets written off as a CGI fan fest. However, after asking the hard hitting question Scott was very cheerful to admit that there was absolutely no CGI in the entire movie and every single stunt was real. Of course they did not ruin any of the actual works of art (as Scott put it) but they used body kits to do the crashes to have the most authentic scenes.

How much did the movie cost?
When looking at a car movie with a ton of action and crashes that contains no CGI, the question cannot be ignored as to a budget for this huge octane movie. Scott was very honest with his answer and admitted to the budget costing around 66 million dollars. He also admitted that the only was he was going to film Need For Speed was if he was allowed to do it for real and not with any of the fake effects.

How did Aaron Paul come about?
When Scott got the project from Dreamworks, he was pitched Aaron Paul (who Scott didn’t know at the time because he doesn’t watch a lot of TV) for Dino, now played by Dominic Cooper; but when he saw what Paul was capable of he was shocked that the studio didn’t want him for Tobey (the lead). What happened was that Steven Spielberg saw footage of Aaron Paul as well and said to the studio ‘why don’t we grab him for Tobey?’

The Grasshopper Scene
Without giving away anything from the movie, there is a stunt that Aaron Paul executes in the movie entitled ‘the grasshopper’ which is one of the most ridiculously jaw-dropping car action sequences in recent history. Well as far as non-CGI enhanced moments go. It was so impractical that they only had one chance to make the shot that used 28 different cameras to get every single angle possible to make this shot work. Thankfully the payoff was extraordinary as it truly is one of the most captivating and ridiculous scenes in the movie.

Michael Keaton
The great actor, Michael Keaton even has a role in Scott Waugh’s Need For Speed who is the man behind the action who sets up the big race. He is so energetic and charismatic in his role that when asked how Scott got Michael Keaton on board, Scott simply replied “well he is the best Batman”.  On that note, when Keaton asked Scott what he was expecting Scott simply said “Beetle juice just less F’d up”. Keaton delivered on that word.

Video Game Homage
When adapting a video game into a movie, it is truly difficult no to upset some hard core fans by ruining something they love and cherish. When it comes to Need For Speed the only thing the game contains is amazing cars, off track racing, and a wicked cool effect right before you hit the gas. Scott, with a background in stunts, clearly knew that he had a hard challenge ahead of himself with paying homage to the game as well as other racing movies, but did an excellent job doing so. He nailed what the essence of the Need For Speed franchise is about, and delivered a great movie. As well paying very subtle homage to Steve McQueen’s Bullitt.

With Need For Speed opening March 14th, 2014 it will definitely storm the box office. Fans of the Fast and the Furious franchise watch out as something more authentic and more adrenaline fueled comes up behind to snatch away the fame.