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Funniest 8 Scenes in Anchorman

With Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues coming soon to classy theatres near you, we take a look back at what made The Legend of Ron Burgundy so legendary. Here are the top 8 scenes, moments, and lines.

8. Brick being Brick
Brick is the weatherman for Channel 4 News and is responsible for reporting the weather in the United States. However, Brick being rather idiotic and stupid, points to the northern part of the United States, around Detroit, and calls it the Middle East.


7. Sex Panther
Brian Fantana, the ladies’ man believes that he is the ultimate lady killer and can seduce any woman he desires, in this case Miss Veronica Corningstone. He wears a cologne called Sex Panther by Odeon that is made with bits of real panther, so you know it’s good. When Fantana approaches Veronica the entire office starts becoming repulsed and starts running away as lines like “it smells like a turd wrapped in burnt hair” or “it smells like big foots d&^k” are said and hilarity ensues.

6. Ron and Veronica’s introduction before the news starts
“Five time Emmy award winning anchor Ron Burgundy and Tits McGee” whenever I watch Anchorman and that line comes on the movie has to be paused. It is perfectly executed and is one of the funniest lines in the movie.

5. Picking Up Corningstone with Brick
Brick is special, and because he is so special it is safe to say he gets some of the best material to work with. As he approaches Veronica for a date he extends her an invitation the pants party – a party in his pants. When Veronica turns him down he then extends the offer to Ian, and invites him to the party in his pants, and when Ian declines Brick says “okay let’s go” and runs off into a crash.

4. Jazz Flute
Ron Burgundy is a man of many talents, one of those talents is his ability to play the Jazz flute. This occurrence happens when Ron and Veronica are on a date, and the restaurant owner demands Ron Burgundy plays the Jazz flute! He gets up on stage and breathes fire through the flute, dances on tables, under bathroom stalls, and even in peoples’ faces. But he is Ron Burgundy so everyone loves him.


3. Discussing Love
Champ, Brian, Brick and Ron are all discussing love as they break out into song and sing Afternoon Delight. Then Brick goes on to state that he loves carpet, and he loves desk, he also proclaims his love for lamp, “I love lamp. I love lamp!” Afternoon Delight and I love lamp, provide some of the best laughs in the entire movie. I LOVE LAMP!

2. Suit Shopping
On their way to buy new suits they are approached in an alleyway by enemy news stations! This is where the cameos began and the sheer insanity almost reached its peak. Vince Vaughn, Luke Wilson, Ben Stiller and a myriad of others all go at it in a crazed fight where no touching of the hair or face can take place. News Team assemble!


1. The Bad Man Punting Baxter
While driving on the highway with his beloved dog, Baxter, Ron throws a burrito out of the window hitting a biker (Jack Black) in the face causing a horrific accident. Well this angers Black to the point of taking Baxter and punting him off the bridge. Next we see Ron screaming and howling into a phone at a payphone booth and Brian asks “Ron where are you” to the reply of “I’m trapped in a glass case of emotion!”

No Anchorman best scene/moment/line article would be complete without at least one special mention; well we got two! Any mention of Burgundy’s love of Scotchie Scotch Scotch. And the all-time favourite “Go f&%k yourself San Diego.”

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues opens nationwide December 18th, be there! You stay classy!