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Six Things We Learned From the Batman vs Superman Set Photo

If you have yet to see the first set photo from Zack Snyder’s Batman vs Superman you do a really good job at staying off the internet. It dropped yesterday via his twitter feed so we know it’s real and, as a die-hard Bat fan, there are a few things I am relieved about and a few things that scare the living life out of me. May 6th 2016 can’t come any sooner.

Dear Joel Schumacher, what were you smoking when you thought BAT NIPPLES were a good idea to include in your George Clooney Batman? As ridiculous and insane as some people may call Zack Snyder at least he has the intellect to approve an awesome suit.


2. Dark Knight Returns?

At SDCC 2013 (San Diego Comic Con), Zack Snyder read a passage from the critically acclaimed Dark Knight Returns, written by veteran Frank Miller, and told us what we were to expect from that passage. Later, he said the book would not have too much of a heavy hand and that he is merely adapting it. If that’s the case why is the suit a cross between Miller and Nolan?


3. The Bat Symbol

Back to Frank Miller. This is THE ONLY BATMAN TO EVER DAWN THIS SYMBOL. Batman fan or not, every single comic nerd, has seen the movie(s) or read the book. What Batman does in the hands of Frank Miller is remarkable. It’s one of the strongest arcs to ever be told. Zack Snyder cannot drop the ball or we will never be privileged to seeing a Justice League movie. A lot is riding here, don’t pull a Schumacher.



4. Zack Snyder’s Extremely Checkered Past
Man of Steel (MoS), Sucker Punch, Watchmen, 300 — all have Zack Snyder at their helm and only one of them is tolerable. For anyone wondering which I am referring to that is 300. MoS is horrible, so horrible that I could ramble on for ages talking about how much there is wrong with it. Sucker Punch is stylized vomit, and Watchmen (with the exception to a moment or two) is the exact same. To say that 300 isn’t that way is an understatement but it worked there. A stylized Batman vs Superman movie will be awful. Especially with adapting Miller.


5. Batmobile/Tumbler

Whatever he ends up calling this it looks AWESOME. There isn’t much you can do to the batmobile/tumbler that hasn’t already be done before but the simplification of taking Nolan’s tumbler adding shocks and throwing in a Tim Burton look truly makes me happy. If done right, it’s SUPER early to say, but there could be some Art category Oscars in the future for this.


6. 2016….

It’s May 13th 2014. The movies being released in 103 weeks. Shooting for this will take maybe 4-5 months and another 3-4 months of post. What’s the hold up? Why an ENTIRE YEAR between how long it needs to take? Pure stipulation but with confirmation that Snyder’s at the helm of Justice League you can’t have two founding members at each others throats at the verge of killing one another and then become allies. Yes he’s shooting back to back. The only way to blow Captain America 3 out of the water is release Justice League first. It’s weird that the first photo came from Snyder’s personal feed and not some press.