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5 reasons to pick up a Game of Thrones Steelbook

Winter is coming (eventually) and if you were unhappy with your Christmas gifts, here’s five reasons to return them for the Season 1 Game of Thrones Steelbook.

1. The show begins with the introduction of the White Walkers (although they are not called as such yet). Basically, the outline of the entire show is introduced at the start (and is seasonally appropriate).

2. It comes with a magnet with the Stark emblem that glows. The magnet is the same as the image on the cover, and what is more, it glows! The presentation of the Steelbook is gorgeous, and it focuses on where the action of season one picks up: Winterfell, (ironic, no?) Additional seasons spotlight other regions of the realm.

3. An In-Episode Guide is much more interesting than it needs to be. We watched Episode 8, The Pointy End, (written by George R.R. Martin), and the In-Episode Guide explains characters (helpful when there are so many different people in the realm), history, locations and even more. Basically, if one is a total newbie or an expert that needs a little refresher, then that person can catch up in a hurry.

4. Dolby Atmos sound! Game of Thrones is the first television show to broadcast in Dolby Atmos. Ideally, the Steelbook requires a Dolby Atmos capable Blu-Ray,  but on any player, the sound is incredible.

5. The episode commentaries do not skimp on the big name actors: the episode we chose features Peter Dinklage, Emilia Clarke…and Harry Lloyd who plays the not very lamented Viserys Targaryen.

We have yet to even get started on the number of special features in this sprawling collection. There are five discs for a scant ten episodes!

But for long-term fans or the few remaining people that have yet to watch this memorable show, exchanges are coming, and if you haven’t been gifted the Steelbook for Christmas, pick it up immediately! And remember, in the game of thrones, you win or you die.