Author: Anthony Marcusa


Review: Boychoir

It’s quite clear the love and affection the director Francois Girard and his cast have for...


Review: Get Hard

At one point during the egregiously uncomfortable Get Hard, Will Ferrell’s disgraced millionaire James King infiltrates a gang of wh...


Review: Tracers

With an interest but no clue, Tracers is vehicle for its cast and crew to hopefully become famous one day, a film that would unquest...


Review: The Gunman

Manly men do bloody battle and dabble in betrayal in The Gunman, a self-serious action drama that finds a muscled Sean Penn seeking...


Review: Insurgent

We’ve been here before: in a future totalitarian regime, those with power and control seek to put down idealistic rebels, among whom...


Review: The Babadook

A reminder that truly terrifying and gripping horror comes not necessarily from finding the most novel or elaborate plot, but instea...


Review: Focus

There is a simple genius to Focus that makes it one of the most enjoyable movie-watching experiences in recent memory.