Author: Anthony Marcusa


TAD 2014 Review: Time Lapse

The conclusion of Time Lapse is likely to find you either wiping a smirk from your face or scratching your head; such is the case when dealing with a mystery that involves the fourth dimension.


Review: John Wick

A serious and somber opening sets an important but ultimately misleading tone for John Wick, a refreshing and exceptionally violent...


Review: Birdman

Michael Keaton literally and figuratively rises to the occasion in Birdman¸or The Unexpected Value of Ignorance. The opening indeed...


Review: Laggies

It’s a welcome blend of the comically absurd and the lightly dramatic that makes up the sweet and charming Laggies, a film by Lynn S...

TIFF 2014 Review Whiplash

Review: Whiplash

Astonishment awaits in Whiplash, a simple story remarkably told about student and teacher, mentor and protégé, friends, and then foe...


Review: Ouija

In the continuing procession of formulaic, soft, mainstream so-called horror films comes Ouija, a product of the ever-efficient Blum...


Review: The Judge

To have a massive, innocuous diversion of a drama in which the lead character is basically a facsimile of the actor playing him is e...