Author: Anthony Marcusa

the-night-before review

Review: The Night Before

An annual Yule tide tradition of debauchery and recklessness is coming to an end for three man-children stumbling into adulthood. Initially, the unlikely trio of friends banded together to help distract one of their crew from the tragic death of his parents. Now, as one faces his first child, another grapples with fame, and the last holds on to the past, the triad steps out for one last night of d


Review: The 33

The moment when The 33, the new film five years removed from the miraculous true story on which it’s based, really steps up comes be...


Review: The Martian

Not surprisingly, the first word out of the mouth of astronaut Mark Watney, after making his way to shelter, tending to a wound, and...


Review: Everest

Global star power is often enough to get a movie made; a larger-than-life celebrity is enough to attract and audience, and thus a fi...

TIFF Review Hellions

Review: Hellions

A defenseless heroine turns fearless, a supernatural night turns evil, and the indie horror flick Hellions turns on familiar lines.