Author: Anthony Marcusa


Review: The Martian

Not surprisingly, the first word out of the mouth of astronaut Mark Watney, after making his way to shelter, tending to a wound, and accepting he has been left alone on Mars, is an expletive.


Review: Everest

Global star power is often enough to get a movie made; a larger-than-life celebrity is enough to attract and audience, and thus a fi...

TIFF Review Hellions

Review: Hellions

A defenseless heroine turns fearless, a supernatural night turns evil, and the indie horror flick Hellions turns on familiar lines.

TIFF 2015 Review LEGEND

TIFF 2015 Review: Legend

Legend isn’t as grand as its name suggest; while it’s two central characters, played by the same talented actor may be larger than l...


Review: Dragon Blade

Without question, Dragon Blade, immediately and always, is a wildly ridiculous movie. In fact, it’s a whole slew of movies, none of...