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5 Reasons to pick up Deadpool on Blu-Ray

Arriving on Blu-Ray just in time for the new X-Men movie, Deadpool stands alone as a fresh new take on the superhero franchise. It is an admirable attempt to infuse the genre with something a little different, and Deadpool found an audience that was more than ready and willing to come along for the ride. Here are our five reasons to experience the film on home entertainment.

1. The Blu-Ray is presented with a close-up of Deadpool’s mask, which can be felt. Needless to say, the consumer of the product is not going to confuse Deadpool with some other movie’s Blu-Ray.

2. The disc contains a Gag Reel, which is always one of the best parts of a home entertainment release, as well as something called “Deadpool’s Fun Sack”. It contains an Extra interview with Mario Lopez that has to been seen to be believed. The Gag Reel features a really shocking line about one of Ryan Reynolds’ exes.

3. The Blu-Ray contains audio commentary by director Tim Miller and Rob Liefeld, the co-creator of the comics, but feel free to skip that one (sorry, Tim and Rob!) in favour of the more engrossing commentary featuring Ryan Reynolds alongside the screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Warnick (dubbed “the real heroes”). There is also surprisingly deep and fascinating commentary for deleted scenes.

4. The set-up menu features the inside of a microwave (over)cooking a chimichanga, dissolving into a montage of Wade Wilson fighting his enemies to a soundtrack of X Gon’ Give It To Ya by DMX in all its loud, profane glory. Usually, set-up menus on Blu-Rays are cloying when left playing more than once, but we happily watched and listened to this one on repeat.

5. There is an interview in the From Comics to Screen..to Screen feature that explains that the fans own the spirit of Deadpool, which hits the nail on the head.  Deadpool is in service of the fans, first and foremost.


Deadpool is now available for purchase on Home Entertainment.