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Funniest Moments of Dumb and Dumber

Twenty years ago the Farrelly brothers graced the screen with one of the dumbest movies ever witnessed by mankind. That is in no way a bad thing though; after all it is called Dumb and Dumber. The pay off is is absolutely hysterical and provides some truly great moments. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels reunite 20 years later and are sure to pack the crazy and the dumb in their long awaited sequel, Dumb and Dumber To. We look back at some of the best moments of Dumb and Dumber.

  1. Cop drinking piss

It doesn’t get much more ridiculous than that. The cop pulls over the dumbonic duo and asks them for Harry for his license and registration. However, unknowing to the officer the open beer bottles between Harry and Lloyd are not full of alcohol but rather Lloyd’s urine since Harry refused to pull over.


  1. Most annoying sound in the world

You know what is really annoying? When you’re on an airplane or train ride and there is a baby who just won’t stop crying. Yammering and crying continuously and the parents aren’t making any attempt to get the child to stop. There can only possibly be one thing more annoying than that. How about two humans recreating the sound of a baby crying in your ear when your entire purpose is to kill them? That can be pretty annoying, but to anyone else really funny.


  1. Getting a shave

Harry and Lloyd realize that the briefcase belonging to Mary Swanson is full of money, and as anyone who has embarked on a ridiculous journey would do they decide to spend some of it in a blaze of glory. They go on their normal ridiculous lifestyles but now in style. One of the things they decide to do is get shaves, despite having no facial hair. As Lloyd is shaving he starts gushing what appears to be blood and making a typical Jim Carrey performance and the barber ends up fainting. However a few seconds laughter Lloyd starts laughing revealing that it was two ketchup packets he exploded in his hand.


  1. Licking the pole

Remember when you were a child your parents explicitly told you in the winter not to lick the pole? Well it seems that Harry’s parents forgot to mention that little snippet. When skiing with Mary, on the lift Harry makes a remark along the lines of “ohh frost” and decides to lick the pole, proceeding to get his tongue stuck. On the ski lift. For a seriously long amount of time.


  1. Laxatives

The entire reason behind their trip to Aspen was for Lloyd to be reconnected with his love, Mary. However plans change when Lloyd begs Harry to talk him up to Mary, and ends up getting thrown into a date with her instead of Lloyd. Lloyd unfortunately finds out about this incident and laces his drink with laxatives before his next date with Mary. However it is not a small amount of laxative, it is almost the entire bottle. One tablespoon was supposed to do the trick, imagine what the entire bottle of laxatives would do. It certainly provided for some hilarious toilet humour.


  1. Hawaiian Tropic Bus

These two ever hopeless friends find themselves more hopeless than ever approaching the very end of the film. After reuniting as friends despite their dispute over Mary’s affection they get approached by a bus of beautiful Hawaiian tropic models who need two men to oil them down before each performance. What does Harry respond with? Harry tells them that there is a town three miles north. Lloyd realizes the horrible mistake that Harry has made and chases down the bus to fix Harry’s mistake. Instead of saying that they’d be more than happy to be the oil boys, he tells them the town is the other way. These two will never change!


  1. SNL

I know it is not from Dumb and Dumber but when Jim Carrey was hosting SNL in October of 2014 he had a Carrey family reunion, reuniting all of his characters he has played throughout his career. Someone had to play Lloyd Christmas right?


Dumb and Dumber To comes to theatres Friday October 14th, be sure to check it out.