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Top 5 Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn Comedies

The Internship opens today in theatres, to get you prepared for the re-teaming of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson here’s a look back at five of their funniest movies.

5. Starsky and Hutch
Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and Snoop Dog. Starsky and Hutch was a beloved TV show from the mid-70s that Stiller and Wilson brought to the big screen, with a shockingly good turnout. As if these two couldn’t do it themselves the added addition of Snoop was just over the top hysterical. Hopefully, the chemistry between Vaughn and Wilson turns out as positive as it did with Stiller and Wilson.


4. Shanghai Noon & Shanghai Knights
No buddy comedy is complete without some awesome duo, and that is exactly what Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights provided. The duo of Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan truly lifted the bar for great comedic duos and provided a ton of great moments. Something that Owen Wilson is known for in his comedies – jam packed laughter, after all isn’t that what makes a great buddy comedy?


3. The Watch
Vince Vaughn stars alongside Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill in this movie about a neighbourhood watch and aliens. If that doesn’t sound terrible than it’s a must see. As utterly ridiculous as that plot sounds, it truly has an absolutely great, but crude, payoff to the point where the audience at one point was in tears. Who would have thought that that absurd storyline would have had such a great payoff, it’s one of those stupid comedies. Then again, Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, and Jonah Hill what more does one honestly expect?


2. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
Dodgeball, a game that most of us played when we were children has been turned into a movie about competing gym companies. A game of dodgeball to determine who would win the right to stay open, or so to speak. Well watching Vince Vaughn and company train to compete against Ben Stiller’s team is just hysterical. The combination of ridiculous, tedious, outrageous, and just plain absurd really brings this comedy together and delivers on a large scale payoff. The moral of the story is, if you can dodge a ball you can dodge a wrench!


1. Wedding Crashers
We’re talking about The Internship here, so of course the infamous Wilson Vaughn comedy is going to mind, that being Wedding Crashers. Yeah, I’m sure some of us have done it or at least have thought about it but crashing a wedding seems like it would be a pretty funny experience. Well thanks to the director of Shanghai Knights our questions have been answered, and it truly is one hell of a time. From the hysterical script and priceless acting thanks to Wilson and Vaughn, Wedding Crashers is certainly the definition of a good comedy. Quite possibly one of the best comedies in recent history, let’s hope that The Internship is as good, if not better.