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Review: Get Hard

At one point during the egregiously uncomfortable Get Hard, Will Ferrell’s disgraced millionaire James King infiltrates a gang of wh...


Review: Tracers

With an interest but no clue, Tracers is vehicle for its cast and crew to hopefully become famous one day, a film that would unquest...


Review: The Gunman

Manly men do bloody battle and dabble in betrayal in The Gunman, a self-serious action drama that finds a muscled Sean Penn seeking...


Review: The Babadook

A reminder that truly terrifying and gripping horror comes not necessarily from finding the most novel or elaborate plot, but instea...


Review: 1971

Compared to the often internet aided information leaks of the modern era, the now largely forgotten, but still remarkable efforts of...

Monsoon Review

Review: Monsoon

Visually stunning and anthropologically fascinating, it’s easy to see why filmmaker Sturla Gunnarsson’s documentary look at India’s...


Review: The DUFF

There is indeed a thoughtful, positive message in The DUFF; it’s just buried under a lot of generic convention and casual sexism.


Review: Timbuktu

Perhaps a first introduction to the film Timbuktu, directed by Abderrahmane Sissakowas with a screenplay from Sissakowas and Kessen...