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TIFF 2013 Review: Love is the Perfect Crime


Love is the Perfect Crime
Special Presentation

There is both beauty and horror in the Swiss Alps, and from an opening scene where our protagonist weaves across a darkened road, with snow falling and a young coquette playing beside, it seems something can go wrong at any time.

The man behind the wheel is Marc (an as usual wonderful Matheiu Almaric), a professor of literature who whose intellect is irresistible to many of the coeds, including the one by his side whose name he can’t remember.

Marc is unsure of a lot of things, and he is a mystery to start, and so that uncertainty from the start carries right until an unforgettable end. Brilliant and charming, Marc is lost and divided. We slowly learn of a traumatic past, start to comprehend the complex relationship he has with his roommate sister, and watch odd behavior that includes the odd (sleepwalking) and not so odd (lying).

A beautiful student goes missing, and as a police officer investigates on what is just an incredibly gorgeous campus (with a mountain backdrop), Marc meets the student’s equally stunning stepmother. The two begin a relationship despite the protestations of a watchful colleague, doting student, and controlling sister – there is more to everything and everyone that initially seems.

Humour blends with tension in this deft portrait of a confused man, set against an idyllic and chilly mountainside town on the eve of spring. Sexy, fantastical, and surprising, this film by brothers Larrieu is utterly engrossing and endlessly riveting.

Saturday September 14 – TIFF Bell Lightbox 2 – 3:30 PM

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