Have you seen Don McKellar?

Don Cheadle at the Toronto Premiere of Iron Man 3


Last night at the Cineplex Yonge-Dundas theatre in downtown Toronto, Disney/Marvel organized the Canadian premiere of Iron Man 3 starring Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Sir Ben Kingsley, and Don Cheadle who was happily in attendance.

With a theatre jam-packed full of fanboys, fangirls, fanparents and Don Cheadle, who did a brief introduction for the movie that turned into more of a quick, fun Q&A. Although what was fun was Kevin Frankish (the host of the Q&A) coming into the theatre and started to hum Iron Man which just got the crowd even more excited (that was possible, shockingly).  Kevin asked Don some interesting, fun questions such as what was it like being in the suit the entire time? As Don very cheerfully replied with, “oh thank God I didn’t have to wear it the entire time”.

Now if anyone has been fortunate enough to either attend the Iron Man 3 or Avengers screening, you would already know that there are limited edition 3D glasses distributed. Nothing gets fans more excited than the words limited and collectors, it also helps if they are wicked cool too, which in this case they are extraordinarily cool! Hopefully the local Cineplex, Empire, or Rainbow will be carrying these glasses for the first few showings! War Machine and Iron Patriot designs get the fans in an even happier craze as we all prepare ourselves for what we hope will be the best Iron Man of the franchise. Fans of Avengers and Iron Man will be happily delighted with Iron Man 3. On a reminding note, this is a Marvel movie which means THERE IS A POST CREDIT SCENE. Some people forgot that last night, don’t be one of those people. Yes it is worth seeing twice, but see the clip the first time around. It’s great. It’s fun. I am Iron Man!

Iron Man 3 comes out May 3rd (May 2nd at 9 and Midnight screenings too!) and it is a total blast! By far better than Iron Man 2, and up there with The Avengers! Fly to your local theatre to catch Tony’s newest adventure!


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Photogrphy Credit: Marc Levy, Tristan Laughton