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Dress Like a Dictator Event

Last night Paramount Canada partnered with HarthTV and Sean Ward to host “Dress like a Dictator” night at Spirits Bar & Grill in Toronto. The room was filled with tons of people who dressed up as Dictators – and boy were they creative! Hundreds of thousands of dollars were placed at each table and patrons could give their favourite Dictator money. The grand prize was given to the favourite Dictator.

In addition, for fans who did not dress up, prizes were given out every 30 minutes to those who could answer various trivia questions about the movie. There were tons of prizes to be won, which included t-shirts, cups, ping pong balls, stickers, beards and aviators.

The Dictator is in theatres May 16th. Make sure you and all your friends catch this one on the big screen!

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