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Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Zegers and director Jeff Renfroe at the World Premiere of THE COLONY!


Last night at the Scotiabank theatre in downtown Toronto, eOne organized the world premiere of The Colony featuring Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Zegers, along with director Jeff Renfroe amongst other members of the cast.

With a theatre jam-packed full of fans and Hollywood stars, George Stroumboulopoulos came up on the platform and called in Laurence, Kevin, and Jeff as the theatre lit up with excitement and the introduction to the movie was given. As Jeff introduced the movie, he also began to thank Laurence and Kevin for their participation as Laurence in a Morpheus esq. voice replied “You’re welcome”. At most screenings the promotions get cheers and rounds of applause, but for this world premiere, the production studios and the reference of Canada had the entire theatre clapping and cheering as the beginning credits were rolling. Go Canada!

The question and answer period after the movie, was in ways just as awesome as the movie was. Every question fans had, Strombo addressed and allowed the stars and director to answer as they felt necessary. This was a nice change from the usual “okay a few questions then we have to wrap it up and get going”. Not to mention the mentality of the stars, as this fan boy rushed down to Laurence Fishburnes’ seat after the movie and asked politely for an autograph who happily obliged. Laurence and Kevin both discussed what the draw was for both of them after they read the script, and to some shock Laurence replied that he never saw a movie quite like this and always wanted to work in the snow. The movie was filmed in North Bay, as they shovelled snow into a hanger at the airport. Kevin’s reply to the question was better, he was just happy to work with the Hollywood legend, Laurence Fishburne. The absolute highlight of this Q&A period though was when Jeff was asked to talk about how long and overdrawn the process of making a Canadian movie, to which he replied “we don’t have time for that”. Sad, but true. I personally cannot wait to see what these three talented individuals have in store for us next.

The Colony comes out April 24th and it is a great and fun Canadian movie about life after the apocalypse. Support Canadian cinema, and allow more movies like this to get made.

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Photography Credit: Marc Levy