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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Red Carpet Premiere in Toronto


For a few hours across a chilly November night in downtown Toronto, the Scotiabank Theatre was a hub of excitement and revelry, transformed into the Capitol of Panem, the rich city at the heart of The Hunger Games dystopian future.

It was the Toronto premiere of the second in the beloved franchise based on the books of Suzanne Collins. Starring Jennifer Lawrence as the heroine Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games: Catching grows more expansive and dire than the first film, introducing new characters, new challengies, and raising the stakes.

Before stars Jena Malone and Sam Claflin, two characters that are introduced in the second story of the trilogy (it will be a quadrilogy on screen), walked the red carpet, fans lined up inside and out for a chance to see the stars and catch the premiere of the film. Government peacekeepers stood still on the steps at Scotiabank wearing their traditional white and masked ensemble, and thankfully they were actually peaceful, unlike their more violent and beliigerant attitude in the film (there were no floggings to be administered this night).

What’s more, strapping men kept the beat playing timpani throughout the venue (spare no expense). In setting up this event, eOne and Coffee Culture departed from The Hunger Games script, as they treated fans to complimentary snacks and hot chocolate – something that the powers that be would never allow in Panem – they’re not the most generous of rulers, they do make teenagers kill each other, after all.

Outside the theatre, fans, including many young women who donned the ever-popular Katniss hair style, took place in ‘reapings’ where instead of being sent to fight to the death, you were given prizes, including a chance to attend the premiere. Effie even showed up to say hello, wearing her signature Monarch Butterfly outfit, that only she can pull off it would seem.

The excitement built as the stars arrived, signing autographs, greeting fans, and in Ms. Malone’s case, balancing The Hunger Games books on her head. Walking the red carpet, answering questions, and taking photos, the pair greeted two packed theatres of rabid fans who were fortunate to get in (some of them were waiting all day long for a chance).

For all the fanfare and memorable moments, following the film fans weren’t reflecting on the night so much as looking forward to the next film, one that can’t come soon enough after the dramatic finish of Catching Fire.


Photo Credit: Marc Levy

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