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Jesse Eisenberg at the Toronto Premiere of Now You See Me

eOne Films took to the streets yesterday to promote their upcoming film Now You See Me starring Jesse Eisenberg. Before the advanced screening at Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto, eOne had a magician, Ray Chance, doing close-up magic and two large wind tunnel tubes, or “cash cubes,” where lucky spectators had their chance to win as many $5 bills as they could catch.

The event was designed to create even more awareness for what’s sure to be one of summer’s biggest hits and give people a chance to win free money, echoing the plot from the film. Now You See Me is about a group of four magicians who use their act as a way to steal from the rich and give it to the poor. The event was a great way to promote the film and even in 35 degree plus heat with humidity, a little street magic is still always cool.

Capping off the event was the arrival of Jesse Eisenberg on the red carpet who had some words to say about his time in Canada. “All you Canadians are so polite,” said Eisenberg before the film, “so even if you don’t like the movie, just tell me you do.”

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Photo Credit: Tristan Laughton

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