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Third Time’s a Charm for Harry Potter in Concert

Put on by the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts and Attila Glatz Concert Productions, the Harry Potter Film Concert Series continued this week with Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban. This was the final Potter film to be scored by the iconic John Williams and also marks director Alfonso Cuarón’s lone entry in the series. Cuarón’s vision coupled with the Williams score sets this film apart from the rest and it is frequently touted as the best, and most cinematic, of the seven Potter films.

The crowd is always encouraged to participate and interact with the film and its characters. Ahead of this show, conductor Jeffrey Schindler gave a rousing introduction and open invitation to react to the screen, feel the music, and express house pride (there were a surprising amount of Hufflepuffs in the building). With that, the conductor turned back around, the show began, and the crowd was alive.

As is always the case with this concert series, the crowd was a remarkably diverse and excitable bunch, including adults who frequent the symphony and children meeting the Harry Potter universe for the first time. There were cheers and jeers throughout, and one notable shriek when Hermoine grabbed Ron’s arm; this was by far the most vibrant Sony Centre crowd yet.

For many, this was a repeat viewing, but these events are no regular night out at the movies. Andrea Warren Vice President, Marketing and Project Development at Attila Glatz Concert Productions attributes much of the series’ success to the experience it offers fans.

“It’s the perfect way to revisit a beloved movie on the big screen,” says Warren, “and experience it in a whole new, very visceral way. With the orchestra playing right in front of you, there’s an immediacy there that reminds you it’s the music in large part that’s shaping the drama of the movie.”

Potterheads will sadly need to wait until November for the next film in the series but may be appeased by James Bond coming to town in October. The Sony Centre will screen Casino Royale October 11-12, 2018.

Visit http://www.sonycentre.ca/Tickets for tickets.

Dani Saad

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