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Cineplex’s Great Digital Film Festival 2014


It is a new year, and with the New Year coming forth it represents a toxic waste of movies to follow the first five or so weeks of the year. With bad movie after bad movie, Paranormal Activity, Ride Along, Jack Ryan, The Nut Job and so forth coming out there really is nothing to get excited about.

Cineplex has realized that January has become the annual dumping ground for bad cinema and has decided to continue its half-a-decade-old tradition of the Great Digital Film Festival! Bringing forth some all-time classics, some twenty fifth anniversaries, and more importantly a lot of amazing movies. All of which have been digitally restored to perfection. What better way to say goodbye to the January blues then to celebrate with fantastic cinema?

While not all these movies are technically classics they do all deserve to be seen in awe dropping detail on the big screen. From James Bond, to camp, to superheroes, to classics this year’s Great Digital Film Festival has everything anyone could ever want including Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, Akira, Tron, The Fisher King, and Flash Gordon. This year’s selections will appeal to any cinephile no matter what their tastes.

One of the more notable titles playing is Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, which is turning twenty five. Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are air head rock stars whose future seem to slipping away from them. If they want to graduate they have to do a report on how a historian would react to modern day. This provides for a most excellent adventure. If Bill & Ted is not your thing you may prefer the antics of Monty Python, whose Holy Grail will be back on the big screen! The cult classic is arguably more quoted than any Python film, is back for three separate showings, January 31, February 4th and 6th, and is something you will not want to miss.

Fanboys rejoice! On Feburary 1st Cineplex will be bringing forth their greatest collection of heroes for a Superhero Saturday! Costumes optional, of course. But this day is not just for the modern superhero, it has the original Superman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Avengers, Batman (Tim Burton and Michael Keaton, not Adam West), and The Dark Knight.

Perhaps the best part of the Digital Film Festival is the price as Cineplex  is only asking $6.00 per ticket to each movie. If your wish list for the festival is a little longer, see between 2-4 films and only pay $5.50 per film. Or if you simply can’t narrow it down, enjoy than 5 films and pay only $5.25 per ticket. Better yet, use scene points!

Some of these films must be enjoyed on the big screen, or just in a crowd of fans. Nothing says exciting and enjoyable more than being surrounded in a theatre with people who love the same things you do.

Comedy, drama, or action The Great Digital Film Festival has it all. No matter what your taste, Planet Of The Apes has it all.