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The Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival (Short films. BIG Vision.)

The Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival held their 4th T24 Project challenge this past month. Fifteen teams of young filmmakers from a wide range of artistic backgrounds stepped up to bat. Their mission: to make a short thesis film in 24 hours. This year the teams films had to answer the question “What is Your Cinematic Toronto?”

A screening was held an Innis Town Hall tonight showcasing the completed films with the filmmakers in attendance. There was also a Jury panel present comprised of Richard Fung, Program Director at the Regent Park Film festival, Peter Kuplowsky Programmer at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival and Janice Lee, recipient of the Deluxe student Award from the Toronto Film Critic’s Association.

The T24 Project was designed specifically as a way for young filmmakers to engage their surroundings and incorporate them into their work. Beyond the adrenaline of making a film in 24 hours, the challenge tasks teams to explore certain aspects of life in the city and communicate them to an audience. Making Toronto more than just a backdrop.

The films themselves were as diverse as the individuals who dreamt them up. And in the end the audience was given a a visceral experience that explored both the everyday life and the abstract of what it means to be a part of the cityscape that is Toronto.

It is an invaluable opportunity for young artists working or studying in all mediums to combine their talents and create something that reflects the pulse of the city. Ans have the time of their lives while doing it!

Should also mention the festival is now accepting submissions for consideration for the 4th annual Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival this June. For more information check out their website at www.torontoyouthshorts.ca.

Genevieve Walker

Toronto cinephile and lady about town.