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Five Reasons to Own SOLO: A Star Wars Story

When the Blu-Ray packs a second disc to store all of the Bonus Features, you know you’re about to get your money’s worth. SOLO is that rare treat, with an entire disc crammed over an hour of in depth commentary on the film. I’m not talking about empty five minute featurettes here either. These features are full blown behind the scene looks at some of your favourite scenes, as well as segments that dive into the film as a whole.

Unfortunately, the picture presented in the encode of the film that is found on Blu-Ray leaves a little to be desired. It pales in comparison to the picture in a theater, and with so much room made on the disc, one would hope for something that felt crisper. However, what it lacks in picture, it truly does make up in special features and presentation.

Director and Cast Roundtable

One of the most exciting aspects of SOLO was it’s incredible cast, and this roundtable gives fans a chance to not only found out a little bit more about their individual Star Wars fandom, but it also gives us a great idea of the dynamic that was found on this set. SOLO is a fun movie and it thrives off it’s actors relationships, so when you remove the make-up and the script and just let these people talk it becomes an engrossing conversation quickly.

The Train Heist

This featurette is a favourite, and a rarity in the bonus material universe. This is a 14 minute deep dive into the Train Heist scene in the film that ended up being one of the most impressive sci-fi action sequences in a while. Everything is covered from planning in pre-production to the design of the freights on the train, making it one of the most informative scene breakdowns found on disc.

Becoming A Droid: L3-37

A more typical featurette, Becoming a Droid not only speaks on developing the idea of the character but the actual history of L3-37 which is extremely interesting in its own right. There is a movie there, despite the fact that it would never happen, it’s there.

7.1 Surround Mix

The picture might drop the ball but the 7.1 DTS Master mix is incredible. It really shines in the Kessel Run segment creating an immersive experience that rivals the theater. The crispness of a home theater reveals sounds that might have escaped you in your theater experience

Scoundrels, Droids,

Hearing how camera, set, and design came together to create Fort Yspo is a mesmerizing time. As they peel back the layers of each part of the scene, you realize that creating this space was so much more than simply creating a set – it was creating a way of life in the Star Wars universe. As the team ties together history, art, and design, Fort Yspo comes to life in front of our eyes in ways we could never have imagined.

Andrew Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton is a Toronto based filmmaker and creative mad man. Legend has it that he spent most of his childhood locked away in a cell beta testing Netflix.