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DVD Review: Rise of the Guardians


The Movie:
Rise of the Guardians is a movie about Jack Frost trying to find himself while he teams up with the likes of Santa Clause, Sandman, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. These five characters are the guardians of the children of the earth, they protect them from evil and fill their believes. Everything is going according to schedule until Pitch comes into the picture who is the evil version of Santa Clause in a way. He breads nightmares to terrorize the children, it is left to the guardians to save the children of the earth; against all odds can the guardians beat their toughest challenge yet.

Bonus Features:

Creating an Epic
This is an hour long broken down into different sections of the creation from day one of production until final product of the movie. The movie goes from everything to script, to animation, to editing, to character designs. If you were planning on going into a career in animation this may be a feature that would help give some insight and the work that comes with the career. It also provides more insight to the world of animation. It compiles of interviews from everyone from the director to animation supervisors to storyboard artists, everything. This feature may be long but truly makes one appreciate animated movies more. Even if the movie isn’t good it is practically blood sweat tears for years going into the production.

Jingle Elves
It’s a very short version of Jingle Bells done by the elves but is as fun and warm hearted as any minion short out there.

Should You Buy It?
Kids may enjoy it, adults may not, but it has a strong message about not losing hope. If you’re an adult and are interested in the hour long animation feature go to your local grocery store and find a redbox and rent it for a dollar and enjoy. It’s something you’ll watch once for features, maybe a few times for your kids as you try to sleep or cook. It is not a must have, and certainly is not a great film, but may tie over the kids for a rough ninety minutes.