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Blu-ray Review: The Gunman

A bluntly-titled film features a slew of blunt instruments in The Gunman, as Sean Penn and other tough guys star in this explosive, exhausting action thriller.

From director Peter Morel, The Gunman is a tale of deceit and betrayal, with mystery, mortality, and romance mixed in, often awkwardly. It’s a serious film for the most part, though Javier Bardem does well to offer some excitement and humour as an opportunistic colleague.

Penn is the titular sharpshooter named Terrier, whose life takes a drastic turn when a secret mission forces him to abandon his love and move on with a life as a humanitarian as opposed to a clandestine contractor. The past returns years later though, as those involved in this deadly mission are being targeted, setting forth a globe-trotting escapade that racks up the body count.

This entertaining albeit empty thriller arrives on Blu-ray this week, and curiously, comes with no special features or additional content. Maybe it’s fitting that a serious movie starring a serious acting doesn’t dabble in deleted scenes or commentary – perhaps this are actors and filmmakers who know what they want, do their job, and get out.

You can check out our full review and make the choice for yourself.

Anthony Marcusa

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