Movie Q&A: Finding Nemo 3D

On this week’s edition of All Questions Answered we’re going back to a movie that came out many years ago and is now being re-released in 3D. No, not “Resident Evil 133: Rise of the Sequels;” I’m talking about Finding Nemo 3D.

It’s been almost 10 years since Finding Nemo originally hit theatres and became the gold standard for computer animation and amazing movies. Back when HDTVs were a brand new technology, every single electronics store would show Finding Nemo on their display TVs to show off what they could do. The original version had amazingly bright colours, breathtaking animation, incredible details, and now, thanks to the 3D re-release, it all looks like complete crap.

So let’s try to find Nemo for a second time and take a look at some of the best questions that no one asked about Finding Nemo 3D.

Q: Is this the exact same movie as before?
Yes, but its 100 times more detailed and 1000 times more beautiful.

Q: Did you just call a movie beautiful?
Yes, and I’d do it again. Finding Nemo 3D is a beautiful movie. See?

Q: Did they find Nemo this time?
I won’t spoil the movie for anyone that hasn’t been paying attention to things for the last decade.

Q: Was the 3D worth it?
At about $16 a ticket, yes, you are paying to see something you’ve seen before. But the movie was originally “filmed” in 3D and the whole thing has been re-rendered and details that were never clear before are now floating all around you thanks to 3D. It really makes you feel like you’re underwater and it’s a great fit for this movie.

Q: Should I see Finding Nemo 3D or Resident Evil?
The newest Resident Evil sequel is more similar to the previous Resident Evil movies than Finding Nemo is similar to Finding Nemo. Does that make sense?

Q: If I can’t afford to see Finding Nemo in theatres, what movie should I see at home?
Finding Nemo. It’s on DVD.

Q: Is there ever going to be a Finding Nemo 2?
Yes. It comes out in 2016.

Q: What do you think Finding Nemo 2 will be called?
Finding Nemo 23D: We Found Nemo.

Q: What do you think Finding Nemo 2 will be about?
Nemo goes off to fish college with Andy, Mike, and Sulley, and Buzz and Woody are forced to stay home with Carl Fedrickton, Marlin, Dori, and Mr. Incredible. None of the characters from Brave are present.

Q: Are there any arbitrary shots of horses in this movie?
There’s seahorses, but the shots of them aren’t arbitrary, they’re quite logical.

Q: Are there any vampires in this movie?
No, person born after 2003, vampires weren’t in every single movie ever a decade ago.

Q: Is Kristen Stewart in this movie?
No, person born after 2003, Kristen Stewart wasn’t in every single movie ever a decade ago.

Q: I’m over 10 years old, should I see this movie?
Yes, people born in the 90s grew up with this movie so we’re allowed to see it. In fact, kids born after 2000 shouldn’t be allowed to see this movie at all. 90s kids own this movie. And all good movies for that matter.

Q: What about Brave?
Kids born after 2000 can have that one.

Q: You seem really hostile against the movie Brave.
Let’s just say I’d rather watch Cars 2.

Q: Should I see this movie?
If you’ve never seen Finding Nemo, go see it now. If you’ve seen Finding Nemo 100 times, go see it now.

Jake Horowitz is a freelance writer living in Toronto, Ontario with his TV and computer. His favourite food is milk steak, his hobbies include magnets and ghouls, and he dislikes people's knees. He also obsessively quotes movies and TV shows as a means of interacting in real life.

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