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Movie Q&A: Star Trek Into Darkness


Four years ago a movie came out that was so innovative and successful that talk immediately turned to a sequel. The film was shot beautifully, it was well acted, and the amazing score by Michael Giacchino helped to elevate it above all others. Between the lush, high-tech visuals and the incredible flying headquarters that housed the main characters as they fought a bad guy in another giant flying device, it was hard to imagine any other movie that could even come close to matching the originality displayed in this film. That movie was UP.

See that? I set you up for one thing, and then switched it on you. Kind of like what Star Trek Into Darkness does, which, by the way, hits theatres today. To prepare for the film here’s a list of the most commonly asked questions about it.

Q: How does Star Trek Into Darkness begin?
A: The movie opens up almost exactly like an episode of LOST, but only if that episode was run through a red filter and all the trees in the forest were red.

Q: Other than that, are there any other ways Star Trek Into Darkness is like LOST?
A: Well, it was directed by J.J. Abrams, so it’s got the same amount of heart, style, and humour that LOST had. Also, everything in it was kept a secret, and revealing any one thing would ruin everything else about the film.

Q: How so?
A: When Abrams was shooting the movie, he intentionally kept almost all details under-wraps, including who the villain was. All I can tell you is that he was played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Q: What was the most exciting part about Into Darkness?
A: The most exciting part was when [SPOILER ALERT] and then [SPOILER ALERT] totally [SPOILER ALERT].

Q: Wow, that does sound exciting.
A: It was.

Q: Will I understand this movie if I’ve never seen any of the old Star Trek series or movies?
A: Yes, Into Darkness does not require knowledge of previous Star Trek cannon, however, there are many homages and references to past Star Trek moments that left many people in the audience, presumably Trekkies, applauding and cheering with joy.

Q: Can you give one example of this?
A: When [SPOILER] was [SPOILER] he totally looked up to the sky and [SPOILER].

Q: Awesome!
A: Yeah, exactly.

Q: How does this movie compare to this summer’s other blockbuster, Iron Man 3.
A: Into Darkness has a larger scale than Iron Man 3, more destruction, and a way cooler villain.

Q: So the villain is definitely [SPOILER]?
A: I can’t answer that without giving away any [SPOILER].

Q: Does this movie mostly appeal to “Nerds” or “Trekkies?”
A: When J.J. Abrams rebooted Star Trek, he made it appealing to anyone who enjoys a good blockbuster. That being said, to use your terminology, a fair amount of “Nerds” do still love these films, as the people sitting directly behind me would not stop talking about levelling up their online characters in World of Warcraft (so I assume) and how good Mountain Dew tastes.

Q: Was there anything bad about this movie?
A: Into Darkness had no parts that stood out to me as bad. Maybe all the explosions were distracting me too much, but in terms of a massively satisfying action movie, Into Darkness had it all.

Q: So you’re saying I should go see this movie?
A: I’m saying [SPOILER].

Jake Horowitz

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