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Movie Q&A: The Amazing Spider-Man

Let’s start off this week’s edition of All Questions Answered by getting a few clichés out of the way. Yes, we’re talking The Amazing Spider-Man, so naturally there will be some spider related puns in the introduction. Things like saying how The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theatres today and how The Amazing Spider-Man is (or isn’t) amazing. I could also say that this super hero movie is (or isn’t) super and that I marvel (or don’t marvel) at how good (or bad) this movie really is. Man, Spider-Man is a good (or bad) film. My spidey-sense is tingling with how this reboot of the popular franchise had such great power and so much great responsibility to be a good (or bad) film and how it ultimately ended up being the best (or worst) Spider-Man film to date.

But enough of that. Let’s just get down to business and answer the only questions that should matter when it comes to The Amazing Spider-Man.

Q: Should I see this movie?
A: Absolutely 100% yes.

Q: You sure?
A: Yes. Go see this movie immediately.

Q: Was The Amazing Spider-Man good?
A: Yes. Yes. Yes. It was. Yes. Go see the movie already.

Q: I heard it was the same story as the first movie. Is this true?
A: Well, it’s the story of Spider-Man, so there’s only so much that can be changed. By the way, did you not already know the story of Spider-Man before you saw the first movie? You did, right? And you didn’t complain then that it was the same story as what you’d read in the comics or seen in the cartoons, right? Well then, shut the hell up about this being the same story and go see The Amazing Spider-Man already because it’s such a good movie and every minute you spend sitting here asking me questions is a minute that you could be spending watching The Amazing Spider-Man or reflecting on how great The Amazing Spider-Man was.

Q: So you’re saying I should see this movie?

Q: Was there anything bad about this movie?
A: No.

Q: You seem a little obsessed with The Amazing Spider-Man.
A: I am. Because it’s so good.

Q: Could you review this movie using only the words from the title?
A: Man, Spider-Amazing! The.

Q: How would you rank this compared to the other three Spider-Man films.
A: This one is the best. THE. BEST.

Q: Are there any arbitrary shots of horses in this movie?
A: This question is getting old.

Q: Seriously though. Are there any arbitrary shots of horses in this movie?
A: It doesn’t matter. Just go see this movie already.

Q: You’re positive that I should see this movie?

Q: Okay, I’m going to go see it.
A: Good decision.

Q: Bye.
A: Bye.


Jake Horowitz

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