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Movie Q&A: Piranha 3DD

Can you believe it’s been less than two years since Piranha 3D came out and everyone was pleasantly surprised by it? It was a movie where fish ate people in 3D, but it actually got good reviews.
Well, it has been less than two years and now the sequel, Piranha 3DD, is in theatres. Yes, it’s still about fish eating people in 3D, but this time it’s in a water park!

So, to celebrate Piranha 3DD’s release, we have another edition of All Questions Answered for you. Today, we answer any questions you might have about the film. Let’s get to it.

Q: I’m confused, is this a sequel to Piranha 3D or did they just release Piranha 3DD based on a typo?
A: Piranha 3DD is in fact a sequel to Piranha 3D. The extra D is for boobs.

Q: How many boobs were there in this movie?
A: There were a lot. And they were in 3DD.

Q: Are we really supposed to believe that piranhas can attack people in a water park?
A: Yes and no. Mostly no. This movie is tongue in cheek.

Q: Who returns from the first movie to be in Piranha 3DD?
A: Paul Scheer, Christopher Lloyd, and Ving Rhames return. Adam Scott isn’t in this movie because he’s super awesome and doing other things. Also he SPOILER ALERT-ed at the end of the first movie.

Q: How is Ving Rhames still alive in this movie? Didn’t his legs get eaten off by piranhas in the first movie?
A: His legs did get eaten by piranhas in the first movie, but now his legs are shotguns. Duh.

Q: Is this movie appropriate to take my son/daughter to?
A: Not unless they love marine biology. And even then, no.

Q: Are there any arbitrary shots of horses in this movie like there was with Battleship and Snow White and the Huntsman?
A: Sadly, no. However, Gary Busey was in it. So I’m going to say that’s close enough.

Q: What’s the funniest part of the movie?
A: When the frame rate drops down to about seven at several points.

Q: What’s the second funniest part of the movie?
A: When the frame rate drops down to about eight at several points.

Q: What’s the most ridiculous part of Piranha 3DD?
A: Piranha 3DD has a lot of riDICKulous parts. In fact, there are too many riDICKulous parts to name just one riDICKulous part.

Q: What? I don’t get it.
A: I’m saying that someone’s dick gets eaten off by a piranha.

Q: Oh. Thanks for clearing that up.
A: That’s not a question. But you’re welcome.

Q: Is the 3D good in this movie?
A: Well, the word 3D is literally in it’s title, so yes, it is good.

Q: Is there going to be another sequel in the Piranha 3D series?
A: Assuming everyone goes out to see it, yes. The ending sets up for a sequel, and it’s going to be amazing.

Q: What will the sequel be called?
A: I’m assuming it will be called Piranha 3DDD, or Piranha 33DD, or Piranha 3D 3, or 3PiranhaDPiranha3D33DD3Piranha. Probably not that last one though.

Q: Should I see this movie?
A: Yes. Unless you for some reason hate good movies

Jake Horowitz

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