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TIFF 2015 Review: Sky

Perhaps one of the few surprising flatliners in what is a really rousing Platform program, Sky features a very promising opening, as Romy (Diane Kruger) and Richard (Claude Lellouch) are out on the town in California, and the film feels like Fabienne Berthaud’s attempt to create an outsider’s perspective on the deep crevices of America.

But then the film takes the first of many surprising turns, as Lellouch’s character hints at a cleave in the marriage. But it is not until the horror and sudden swerve of the following scene, that the implications come to light.

The gist of it that Romy has an unhappy life and must do something about it in order to change it. But then she goes on some of the most inane adventures in order to do so. And once Norman Reedus appears on screen, the movie has shifted into, no, let’s back that up a little bit, once Lou Diamond Phillips appears on screen, no lets back it up one more time, once Lena Dunham appears on screen, with a missing tooth, and playing a white trash mother, well, you get the idea.

Sky could have been a contender, but just feels lifeless and circular almost from the twenty minute mark. But Kruger is decent.

[star v=2]