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TAD 2016 Review: Creepy

The latest from Japanese horror auteur Kiyoshi Kurosawa is quite the doozy. Aptly titled Creepy, the film is largely unlike other horror films coming out of Japan today. Often quiet and frequently subtle, this film relies almost entirely on tone and tension to bring up it’s frights.

Former detective Koichi (Hidetoshi Nishijima) and his wife Yasuko (Yuko Takeuchi) have just moved in to a new neighbourhood. They try to connect with their neighbours, but find them strange and standoffish. One particular neighbour, Nishino (Teruyuki Kagawa) strikes Yasuko as a little too strange. She finds herself both scared and confused by his strange and outright rude demeanour. Rather than keeping her distance, Yasuko finds herself drawn to the peculiar man. She begins to try and get close to him, which she soon comes to regret.

Creepy is perfectly directed by Kurosawa. There story has some holes in it and does not always make perfect sense, but the directors complete handle of the material makes up for script flaws. Kurosawa’s careful and slow approach allows events on screen to linger, making the reveals splendidly shocking.

Ultimately a rather unusual approach to horror, Creepy is nevertheless completely enthralling, shocking, and surprisingly funny. It will certainly unhinge the average horror viewer and is sure the surprise even those who love J-Horror.

[star v=35]

Matt Hoffman

Matthew Hoffman is a Toronto-based cinephile who especially enjoys French films and actresses over the age of 50; including but not limited to: Isabelle Huppert, Meryl Streep, and Jacki Weaver.