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TAD 2014 Review: Zombeavers

The first half of this year’s Toronto After Dark Zombie Night is a smorgasbord of low budget effects and outright goofiness known as Zombeavers. After getting cheated on, Jenn and her girlfriends Mary and Zoe go to an secluded cabin in the woods to escape for a girls only weekend, which is promptly crashed by all of their boyfriends. But the boys aren’t the only uninvited guests as the six are besieged by a pack of radioactively zombified beavers out for blood!

Zombeavers is a 80’s style throwback horror comedy that is smarter than a Syfy presentation and a lot more fun. It’s not a great movie by any stretch, the script features some of your favorite horror tropes and some bad acting mixed with some, but it remains fun throughout. Of the highlights are the performances from Cortney Palm, as the bitchy opinionated Zoe who speaks her mind whatever the situation is, and Rex Linn’s hilarious and creepy turn as a local that is not impressed with the young visitors.

Full of practically rendered beavers that are never scary for a second, Zombeavers knows exactly what type of film it is. Embracing this fully results in a film that will not likely win a lot of awards, but will be a hell of a lot of fun to watch with in a crowded theater.

[star v=3]