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TAD 2014 Review: Open Windows

Director Nacho Vigalondo has been a director on the rise since his very intriguing time bending feature debut Timecrimes. Taking on a all English language film for the first time, Vigalondo’s Open Windows made its Toronto debut at this year’s Toronto After Dark Film Festival. The film stars Elijah Woods as Nick, a obsessed super fan of superstar actress Jill Goddard (Sasha Grey) who wins a contest to have dinner with the starlet only to have her cancel the contest at the last second. But when a mysterious hacker opens an opportunity for Nick to track Jill’s every move through a hacking program, but Nick quickly discovers that there are dire consequences to these actions.

Open Windows is a film that is so preposterous it fails to even remain entertaining, becoming tedious and tiresome very quickly. The script is all over the place and ignores logic and reason almost at will, how Nick never loses a wireless internet connection and maintains battery power on a laptop running multiple live streaming video windows in a moving vehicle is more ludicrous than any never ending clip of bullets that seem to exist in any gun of the Expendables franchise. The leads of the film are likable, the only positive note coming from this utter disappointment, but as amiable as Wood and Grey are they can only do so much with a script that gives them so little to work with.

[star v=15]