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Blu-ray Review: Spring Breakers


The Movie:
A group of four bored and felonious girls take to Florida for Spring break after robbing a diner and paying for their trip. A first few days of partying, driving around on scooters, and playing on the beach turn dark, however, when they cross paths with the charming and dangerous Alien, a local gangster living in his own equally absurd fantasy world.

It’s stylish and surprising, as our four heroines, some of whom are desensitized, and some of whom are naïve, seek something entertaining and purposeful from a spring vacation. The film is like a drug, bathed in neon colours, informed by subtle music, and filled with increasingly crazy situations. It can be frustrating and charming, but either way, it’s unforgettable.

Bonus Features:

Behind the Scenes
Director Harmony Korine along with James Franco and the four female breakers offer thoughts on the film as they reflect, but not surprisingly, it’s Franco who has the most interesting things to say. It’s enough to say that he does of course look and sound totally different when not in character, but he does well to explain why he was so interested in the film.

Music of Spring Breakers
Similar to the behind the scenes featurette, the director along with musical supervisors discuss arguably the most important part of the film, as the underlying sound of Spring Breakers propels the story. Throughout the film, though especially in the beginning and end, the music takes over

Deleted Scenes/Outtakes
The deleted scenes are somewhat interesting, though rightly left out of the film. The outtakes, meanwhile, are surprisingly funny, mostly involving the girls laughing and goofing off. However, about half of them feature James Franco in a scene when Alien first shows the girls around his apartment. It’s a scene in the film that escalates the crazy level, and the outtakes are pretty ridiculous and entertaining – Franco really gets into character.

Vice Magazine Featurettes
Eleven short behind-the-scenes looks at various parts of the film were done with Vice Magazine as part of promotion for the film. They take a look at various aspects of the production, from discussing how the girls were on set to finding the right beach party and exactly what Harmony Korine had in mind when he wanted to make this film. They’re more entertaining than the others for sure, as they include more production stills and higher quality shots, but aren’t necessarily as illuminating.

Should You Buy It?
Yes. It’s a film with a high level of re-watch-ability, and while the bonus features are interesting, Spring Breakers itself has some incredibly memorable scenes that are worth frequently referring back to.


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