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Blu-ray Review: Interstellar

If one movie last year needed an addendum, a forum from which to explain itself, Interstellar has to be it. The Christopher Nolan universe-spanning epic that bends the mind and warps time and space is at best curious, and at worse, incomprehensible.

That’s certainly not a condemnation, but Nolan, of The Prestige, Memento, and Inception fame, isn’t shy about provoking thought and challenging the viewer.

Thus, while Interstellar is certainly best enjoyed on the biggest screen with the only the best of sound systems, there is quite a bit to be enjoyed at home. That is to say, its Blu-Ray release offers plenty of supplemental material to engage and inform – and well, to confuse some more too probably.

As for the film itself, if by chance you missed it, it goes at follows: some time in the future, the Earth is ravaged by drought, as crops are running dry and the land is littered with dust. Matthew Conaughey is a former pilot turned farmer, raising his two kids in a world with limited resource. Apparently there is limited time too. His character stumbles upon a NASA secret, and soon he enlists with Anne Hathaway and others to travel through space and time in the hopes of finding a suitable plane to occupy at the ends of the universe.

And so it goes for nearly three hours.

When you’re through, and after the inevitable subsequent discussion, here are the special features you can enjoy – and it shouldn’t be surprising there are a ton of them. Of course, the package features the best sound and picture quality, and also comes with the handy digital download and DVD version.

The Science of Interstellar­

Science isn’t in air quotes, though some may like to be. McConaughey narrates this hour long extensive feature that maps the plot of Interstellar and the subsequent science behind it. Interviews with cast and crew, as well as scientists, make the case for why this film makes sense. At the same time, it will boggle your mind because, wow, the universe is really big.

Behind The Scenes Vignettes

There are over a dozen short features that combined with the previous one run longer than the film itself. They run the gamut of specifics, from how the robots were designed to how sound was utilized, from how they created the two new plants to how the curious Tesseract was designed. It offers incredible access and insight, detailing not only what the crew created, but what they had to endure. That would include crazy wind storms, freezing temperatures, and wild, wild dust.

Final Thoughts

This is one of the aforementioned featurettes, but really these sentiments run throughout them all. What’s more fascinating about watching this one specifically and them all in general is how dedicated, how serious the endeavor was. However you feel about the film, it’s made on a massive scale that utilizes more practical effects than one may think. Sure, they didn’t go to space, but travelling around Iceland didn’t seem that easy either.

Anthony Marcusa

A pop-culture consumer, Anthony seeks out what is important in entertainment and mocks what is not. Inspired by history, Anthony writes with the hope that someone, somewhere, might be affected.