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Holiday Gift Guide: HBO edition

Not sure what to give that TV addict in your life for Christmas? We’re here to help!


If you’ve been following us on Twitter (or are even a casual reader of our site), you know that we are HUGE fans of Game of Thrones and have been ever since the show made its debut six seasons ago. Familial and class warfare, nudity, dragons – the show has it all, and these are just some of the reasons why the show has consistently been the top selling TV on DVD/Blu-Ray for the past five years (not to mention it has been a multiple awards winner). Chances are that the TV addicts in your life have each previous season in their home entertainment collection already, so surprise them with Game of Thrones: The Complete Sixth Season on Blu-ray/DVD.

Along with all 10 episodes of season 6 (the last full-length season of the show!), the home entertainment package includes eye-opening bonus content such as 18 history-based vignettes told from various characters’ perspectives (which we assure you will include information that even GoT’s book fans will appreciate), as well as 13 (!) audio commentary tracks – the most commentaries recorded for any Game of Thrones release EVER. Highlights include episode 5 (The Door)’s commentary, which includes fan favourites Kristian Nairn (Hodor! *sad face*) and Gemma Whelan (Yara Greyjoy), and episode 10 (The Winds of Winter)’s cheeky commentary with Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) and Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister). Not to be missed as well is the bonus feature titled The Battle of the Bastards: An In-Depth Look which has a behind the scenes exploration of the epic battle from the perspectives of both the crew and the cast.


Over the summer, critics were raving about The Night Ofthe acclaimed limited series on HBO, starring Rogue One: A Star Wars Story‘s Riz Ahmed and Coen brothers favourite John Turturro (replacing the late James Gandolfini, listed as a producer). The 8-part series showcases the acting dynamos in an intricate murder mystery whodunit in New York City. Before we binge-watched the series on the exquisite Blu-ray/DVD package, we avoided all details and spoilers regarding the show and we highly recommend this method for all those that missed the series when it aired on HBO. The show (created and executive produced by Steven Zaillian, the writer of Moneyball, and Richard Price of The Wire fame) as well as its leading men are sure to be recognized during the upcoming awards season. The Night Of is television at its finest and a definite must see!


If you’re searching for warmer, lighter or even more diverse material than the aforementioned two series, then Looking is the perfect show for you to give for Christmas. Packaged with the complete series (sadly, the short-lived series lasted only a pair of seasons) as well as Looking: The Movie (which played at this year’s Inside Out LGBT Film Festival), the show focused on contemporary gay life in the Bay Area and specifically on three thirty-something friends as they searched for happiness in their daily lives. The Blu-Ray/DVD set comes with 16 audio commentaries from cast and crew, including executive producers Michael Lanna and Andrew Haigh (45 Years). Featuring stellar performances by Jonathan Groff, Murray Bartlett and Frankie J. Alvarez, Looking is a special show that we’re sure you and your family will adore this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!


Game of Thrones: The Sixth Season, The Night Of and Looking are available now from HBO Canada home entertainment on Blu ray, DVD and Digital HD.


Leora Heilbronn

Leora Heilbronn is a Toronto based film aficionado who has a weakness for musicals and violent action flicks. She can often be spotted reading a wide range of literature or listening to show tunes.