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Blu-ray Review: Olympus Has Fallen


The Movie:
Olympus Has Fallen will forever be etched in history (well in 2013 history at least) as the White House movie that was better. Simply put the movie is about the White House being taken over by terrorists and the terrorists capturing the leaders of the White House including the President of the United States. Here’s where it gets fun, Gerard Butler has to get the President’s son out of the White House safely and secure the President, quite the tall order for one man. Also this movie features Morgan Freeman which makes it ultimately better than White House Down.
Bonus Features:
Creating the Action: VFX and Design
One of the senior VFX guys on Olympus Has Fallen immediately though of Training Day when he went into the project. There are a lot of visual effects within the movie, including things that did not seem visually enhanced. Some of these scenes are when the garbage truck comes into the scene it was shot live action but everything was modified and slightly enhanced. If you enjoy learning about the visual esthetics of a film and how it was created then this special feature certainly feeds into the craving. “It’s big, and its epic, but it’s also a story we can support” that statement truly encompasses the greatness of Olympus Has Fallen.

Ground Combat: Fighting the Terrorists
This feature is essentially the same as the creating the action feature, but focuses more on the real side of the action. To get the audience to believe this big scale action. The choreographed action truly is beautiful in this film. Antoine Fuqua who is the director of Olympus Has Fallen explains that a real Navy SEAL worked on the set to make the film authentic. They made Gerard train every day and actually learn how to box and get ready for his role.
The Epic Ensemble
Gerard Butler and his accent totally steals this feature, as well as Antoine who just explains how perfect everyone is for their roles. Its Aaron Eckhart, Gerard Butler, and Morgan Freeman. It truly is an epic ensemble.
Under Surveillance: The Making of Olympus Has Fallen
Antoine Fuqua starts this off and states that when he heard the title, Olympus Has Fallen, he thought of a great mountain that crumbles, a great empire which is America falling. With that being said he truly captured the White House falling and in a great fashion. As well Eckhart wanted the audience to see how he would truly imagine the White House falling. Shockingly Gerard Butler also agrees that he could see the White House being taken in a fashion that was shown in the movie. It seems like everyone in the cast loved the movie and their co-workers.
“Deconstructing the Black Hawk Sequence” Featurette
During test screenings had the audience reach an emotional highpoint for an action movie. The Black Hawk sequence allowed for the audience to leave the emotional highpoint and still have a great amount of fun. The only part of the Blackhawk that was not CG was the scenes where we saw the SEALS.
What movie is complete without a fun awesome set of bloopers. These bloopers are short but provide some laughs and just show how comfortable everyone was on set.
Should You Buy It?
YES. Olympus Has Fallen is a must have for any blu-ray/DVD collection because it’s like Die Hard, fun, silly, kind of ridiculous but totally enjoyable. As well these extras are pretty great. If that wasn’t convincing enough Future Shop has it on sale until August 15th for 22.99 on Blu-Ray. Get your copy today!