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Netflix: Video on Demand the Better Way


Whether it’s Glee, How I Met Your Mother, or Homeland, buying the latest season of a hit television show on DVD can prove to be quite costly. Thanks to Netflix, fans can catch up on all the hottest shows at their on own convenience for $8.00 a month. There are no hidden fees or catches either. Unlike Rogers on Demand or Bell Express Vu, Netflix’s flat rate fees allow viewers to stream an unlimited number of movies and television shows.

Popular shows like Dexter and Breaking Bad will be airing their final seasons this year and Netflix is the perfect remedy for fans wanting to relive great moments, or indulge in spectacular wonders for the first time. Netflix is also the place for people looking to prepare for the upcoming television seasons. The third season of The Walking Dead will become available for streaming on September 29th well ahead of Season 4’s premiere date on October 13th.

From Bewitched to Freaks and Geeks or the Cailou to The Magic School Bus, Netflix does not just focus on the popular shows of today but also offers a wide range older programming allowing adults and teens to relive their childhood and allow children to watch shows that may no longer be on the air. Netflix is also the place for Anglophiles looking to get their BBC fix with shows that are not readily available in Canada such as Sherlock, MI5 and Luther.

Thanks to Netflix and their wide variety of streaming television programming there is now plenty of time to catch up on the all hottest shows and even more time to re-watch old classics.

Check out the list below to see whether that popular show everyone keeps talking about is on Netflix or when the latest season of your favourite show will start streaming.

American Dad, Seasons 1 – 7
Archer, Seasons 1 – 3
Bones, Seasons 1 – 7 (Season 8 streams October 8)
Breaking Bad, Seasons 1 – 5
Community, Seasons 1 – 4
Glee, Seasons 1 – 3
Heartland, Seasons 1 – 6
Hell on Wheels, Seasons 1 – 2
Homeland, Season 1
How I Met Your Mother, Seasons 1 – 7 (Season 8 streams October 1)
The Killing, Seasons 1 – 2 (Season 3 streams November 1)
Pretty Little Liars, Seasons 1 – 3
Vampire Diaries, Seasons 1- 3 (Season 4 streams October 1)
The Walking Dead, Seasons 1 – 2 (Season 3 streams September 29)