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Review: George Lucas in Love

It has been fifteen years since, writer/director, Joe Nussbaum graced the world with his short film George Lucas in Love. This film focused on the legendary director and how he created the greatest space epic ever, Star Wars. Based on complete fiction of course, still nonetheless a great short film that is shown to film students, and certainly known well amongst Star Wars nerds alike myself. All questions are answered from this short in a very elaborate, fictional way. The film explains how the idea and characters came about, especially Yoda and Chewy. George Lucas in Love is a wonderful demonstration on how a short movie, especially one that is eight minutes, can be appreciated by all.

The movie focuses on George (Martin Hynes) and his journey on trying to write his final script for film school with just three days to do so. The short answers questions regarding characters and their respective stories as well as how he envisioned some of the most popular characters. Specifically Yoda being the mentor in both the short as his professor (Patrick Kerr) and as the mentor of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.

George Lucas in Love is a wonderful gem of cinematic shorts that can capsulate how a simple concept can blossom into a phenomenal piece of silver-screen gold. Whether that be with the large franchise that came from this simple idea or the beautiful short that came from the idea/concept of something as wonderful as this space adventure. George Lucas in Love offers a very possible take on how George Lucas came up with the idea to create Star Wars originally, even if there was some exaggerations along the way.

George Lucas in Love is now fifteen years old, and in honour of this milestone it has been re-mastered and refinished and now in glorious high definition is available on iTunes and other VOD services nationwide on May 20th 2014. Whether you’re a film maker or a Star Wars fan, George Lucas in Love is a must see.

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