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Five Questions for Micael Preysler, the co-writer and director of Lily & Kat

Director Micael Preysler may be young, (only 25), but he is certainly wise beyond his years when it comes to directing. His film Lily & Kat, which had its world premiere at TIFF Next Wave, and comes to VOD on Friday looks well beyond his recent contemporaries to find his true influences, (and will continue to do so). His next film, Diamond Soles, about a dancer, is already in pre-production, and he is looking at directors like Yasujirō Ozu for influence. Lily & Kat seems to be a throwback to an earlier time, and boasts a killer soundtrack. The film starts Jessica Rothe and Hannah Murray, (from Skins and Game of Thrones). We sat down with the well-connected Preysler the day before his film premeired.

For what were you happiest about Lily & Kat?

I was lucky to find good actors who were willing to work on this, especially since I didn’t have any experience at the time. One of the actors in the preview trailer, Olivia Luccardi, went on to be a guest on Girls and Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.


What are some of your filmic influences?

Firstly, it would have to be the French New Wave, Truffaut, Godard, A Woman is a Woman, Pierrot Le Fou. It excited me, being a student of film history. I hope some of that irreverent energy is in this film.

How did Hannah Murray get on board?

First of all, Hannah, I wanted from the beginning, because she has that relationship with people, from playing Cassie on Skins, having that established connection with people for executing the emotion of the story. Hannah is not somebody you want to say goodbye to. Otherworldly.

What about for Jessica Rothe?

For Jessica, I wanted an Anna Karina type, someone who is world-weary, but doesn’t let things get to her, until the moment that Kat is leaving. Jessica was actually a last minute saving grace of the film. I think she does an amazing job.

What do you want an audience to take from Lily & Kat?

I hope it’s a fun experience from beginning to end. In a kind of mischievous way I used a suggestion from my producer to sneak in a surprise ending. The rest of the film, I wanted the actors to loosen up what was there, and keep it more real. I hope that the ending leaves people wanting more.