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Interview: Mackenzie Mauzy and Billy Magnussen talk INTO THE WOODS, co-star Meryl Streep, and sing!

Stage and television actors Mackenzie Mauzy and Billly Magnussen are not quite household names, but that is all about to change, with the release of Disney’s adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods. Mauzy plays Rapunzel, who shares some of the film’s most tender and comedic moments with Magnussen, who plays her Prince. Prior to the film’s much anticipated theatrical opening, we were quite lucky to sit down with the charming and lovely duo. They shared a surprising anecdote about co-star Meryl Streep, revealed lessons learned from the making of the film, and gave us a very special treat at the end of our time together. Watch what happens in the video below.

Leora Heilbronn

Leora Heilbronn is a Toronto based film aficionado who has a weakness for musicals and violent action flicks. She can often be spotted reading a wide range of literature or listening to show tunes.