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5 Questions with Djimon Hounsou

The film Air, starring two-time Oscar nominee Djimon Hounsou and star of The Walking Dead Norman Reedus, is well worth seeking out. The effects look great, and the story is quite moving. The plot is that a couple of caretakers (Hounsou and Reedus) are tasked with making sure the last remnants of society are maintained in a future without air. The inevitable conflict creeps up between the two men, Bauer and Cartwright. The film is co-produced by Robert Kirkman, who created The Walking Dead, and shares a similar feel, but on a much more individualistic scale. We spoke with star Djimon Hounsou by phone from Los Angeles, where he was embarking on the Air press tour.

Scene Creek: What was the atmosphere like on set?


Djimon Hounsou: The atmosphere was trying to be creative, trying to create a world that what was happening in trying to be the case of being guardians of humanity. What sort of integrity must one have in order to be trying to sacrifice one’s life to save another or certainly to save society.

Scene Creek: Do you think that the film will appeal more to people who attend Comic-Con or have mass appeal?

Djimon Hounsou: It should appeal to that audience, but we’re hoping that it has appeal, obviously, across the board, and attract everyone. You know, again, the subject matter touches so many aspects of life.

Scene Creek: Was it difficult to play a role that involved wearing the hazmat suit?

Djimon Hounsou: (Sighing) Oh, yes! It’s tough! It’s just the notion of having the hazmat suit on. I put that thing on, and I’m done, I’m completely locked in, and I’m in jail for the day. According to the space and the weight on your shoulders, yeah, that was tough.

Scene Creek: How did you feel making much of the movie with you and Norman (Reedus) just the two of you and do you watch The Walking Dead?

Djimon Hounsou: Yeah, it’s all about the two of us, and yeah, we sort of came together sort of like to tell the story, and that’s how we came to get to know each other and yeah, that’s life isn’t it? Yes! He’s a very nice man.

No, I really don’t like shows with dead people, but again, yeah. I prefer to focus on the living and secondly, I don’t have time to watch TV Shows, I don’t even get to watch my own movies that are coming out.

I just got back from six months of being in London, overseas in London. The whole time, I had two movies coming out, and I was unable to attend to those two films.

His show, The Walking Dead has quite a great tracking record, and is quite successful.

Scene Creek: You were filming your movies that are coming out next summer, correct?

Djimon Hounsou: Yes, Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur with Guy Ritchie and starring Charlie Hunnam. Yeah, it was fun, we actually just came back from there. And we filmed Tarzan in order to come out next year. For Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur, I play a knight who was part of King Arthur’s reign, (Sir Bedivere), on Tarzan, I play a chief (Mbonga) of a country that tries to invade and has history with Tarzan, which I kind of want him back to the lands so I can deal with him.

I look forward to talking to you then about all of the stories.

Air is now available on Digital and On Demand.