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3 Questions with Patty Newburger, EVP of Tribeca Enterprises

This past Friday saw one of the most interesting events of the year take place, as “Tribeca Games Presents the Craft and Creative of League of Legends” saw Tribeca Enterprises teaming up with Riot Games. This one day event took place in downtown New York City, in Spring Studios. Almost every single aspect of the phenomenon League of Legends was discussed, from the music, to the game design, to art demonstrations. In short, it was an event to appeal to cinephiles as much as gamers, and was but the first initiative from Tribeca Games to bridge the gap between different media.

In honour of the celebration of League of Legends, we spoke via email with executive vice president of Tribeca Enterprises Patty Newburger .

Scene Creek: Why did you choose to partner up with League of Legends for the inaugural event from Tribeca Games?

Patty Newburger: At Tribeca, we celebrate storytelling, and we feel that some of the best stories and creative are found in gaming. Beyond being one of the most played games in the world, League of Legends’ ongoing evolution lends itself to extraordinary creative in and around the game. From the design, to music, to art, to champion creation, the creative process behind the game is truly unique and has captured the imagination of a large and highly-engaged community.

Scene Creek: Tribeca is obviously primarily known for film. Do you think of League of Legends as particularly theatrical?

Patty Newburger: Audiences know Tribeca as a brand that elevates creative voices – whether it be through our Festival’s film screenings, our Tribeca Talks program, music events, tech exhibits, and so on. The gaming industry attracts some of the best creative talent around, which is what we look forward to showcasing through Tribeca Games. The ongoing evolution of League of Legends lends itself to unique storytelling opportunities in and around the game.

Scene Creek: Why is the timing right to launch this sort of event right now?

Patty Newburger: Video games is one of the fastest growing mediums. The growth of E-sports cannot be argued with. There is an interest in the art and the craft of the game, making this an ideal time to shine a spotlight on all the creatives in this space.