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Strombo's Secret Movie

Last night at the TIFF Lightbox theatre we were all waiting in line for George Stroumboulopoulos’ secret movie screening. I felt a little silly waiting in line with hundreds of others, but I caught Lauren Toyota in line as well and I didn’t feel so bad. Even on the day of he wouldn’t release any juicy details. George says this whole thing makes perfect sense. “It was just the right movie at the right time with the right people making it. It’s a weirdly organic reason why we’re doing this today, why this is the movie we’re doing and why these guys called us.” Do I smell some sort of cultural revolution in film-making?

Our group of Toronto city-dwellers know George best and have high expectations for this movie. Patiently waiting in line, Mathew Carlsson and his friend Andrew Dalyrmple propose the film is a documentary of some kind. “Maybe it’s about world economy?” I’m thinking it’s less about what type of movie it is but more about who’s directing it. Whatever it is, I’m assuming it won’t be too surprising based on our general knowledge of George’s taste.

So what’s the secret? Director Jason Reitman and writer Diablo introduce their new movie, Young Adult, coming out in December. If you loved Juno, you’ll love this romantic story. And starring Charlize Theron, you can’t go wrong!

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