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Review: Monsters, Inc. 3D

The loveable pair of earnest and occasionally awkward ogres are back as Sulley and Mike Wazowski return to the big screen in 3D ahead of their prequel out next year.

Who’s in It?
Billy Crystal, the rich man’s Robin Williams, is the voice of the easily startled and annoyed Mike, while the tempered John Goodman plays his best friend Sulley. Jennifer Tilly and Steve Buscemi provide some notable voices as well.

It’s still as charming and funny as it was 11 years ago, though Billy Crystal lays it on just as thick, sometimes simply playing himself. A decade later, and Disney looks to gain a new audience while reminding others of how good the film was and helped in raising the bar for animated storytelling.

The 3D looks fantastic, and will join the list of other films on the pro-3D side of things. It is a bustling, vibrant, and detailed world that is certainly worth a second (or third or tenth) viewing on the big screen. And surely it’s no coincidence that the year this film is being re-released, Mr. Randy Newman finally gets inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Okay, maybe that’s the definition of coincidence.

Should You See It?
If you missed it the first time, if you forgot about it, or if you had kids in the time since it first came out, then yes. For a family film to check out during the holidays, this looks to be far more bearable than Billy Crystal’s other December release (which may already be out of theatres?) and far less bizarre and unnerving than bellicose Russian Santa and Australian Easter Bunny in Rise of the Guardians.

Memorable Quote:
Mike, doing standup, with Billy Crystal pretty much being Billy Crystal.

“Hello, is this thing on? Hey, good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Nice to be here in… your room.

Hi, where are you from?  You’re in kindergarden, right? I used to love kindergarden. Best three years of my life.

Of my life! But I love sports. Dodgeball was the best. I was the fastest one out there. Course, I was the ball. You see, I… was the ball. All right, kid.”

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