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Inside Out 2014 Review: An Evening with the Impostors

An Evening with the Impostors is dissapointing on many levels. The official trailer and accompanying snyopsis hint at much more. “And Tonight The Impostors are getting ready to bring their high-glam drag spectacle to the small town of Port Hope, Ontario.The Impostors are ready but is Port hope?” One expects a multi-racial cast of fabulous drag performers combating prejudice and opening hearts and minds in a small town. What we actually get however, is a multi-racial cast of fabulous drag performers arriving in Port Hope then snippets of rehearsals and performance. There is no background given on the performers (Biographical information would have been nice) and most alarmingly we do not get anything from the residents of Port Hope either before or after the performance. Did they like it? Had they ever seen drag performed before? All we get are quick pans of the all white and mostly elderly and middle-aged audience and one cheerful couple who tel us that they are friends of Stephen White and that they support them every year. It is unclear who Stephen White is or what the couple are refering to exactly. Do they mean they support the Theatre every year? The Festival that the performance is a part of? The Impostors?

An Evening with the Impostors shows that Toronto’s legendrary drag performers are still going strong but I doubt it will convince people of drag’s relevance today nor will it inspire people to learn more or go and see a live show.

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