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Inside Out 2016 Review: Stuff

Stuff is a film about a lot of, well, you know, stuff, but what it is really about is boredom and routine versus the thrill of the novel.

Arriving with a soundtrack of maracas, Suzanne Guacci’s film does feel a little small-scale at times, and the style of filming takes some getting used to, but it’s story of “lesbian bed death”, between mothers Trish (Karen Sillas) and Deb (Yvonne Jung) who have difficulties co-parenting (not the least of which is differences in financial stability). Their relationship is further strained when a tattooed biker chick, Jamie (Traci Dinwiddie) comes between them.

At times a little too intimate and claustrophobic, Stuff nonetheless propels forward with strong performances by its three leads. Its subject matter is both fairly commonplace but also very specific to what we imagine to be its target audience, that being same-sex co-parents and when adult necessities take the place of the needs of the child. Stuff happens, and the scenarios at play here may hit too close to home.

[star v=35]