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Inside Out 2016 Review: Other People

For much of the running time, the film Other People by Chris Kelly, might as well be called “Sundance Selects”, or perhaps “Other Indies”.

Many of the scenes involving a writer named Michael (a surprising Jesse Plemons), returning home to deal with his cancer-stricken mother (Molly Shannon), along with his closed-minded father (Bradley Whitford, varying from his Transparent role) seem familiar, even comforting, which is not entirely a letdown.

Certainly interactions with MIchael’s former boyfriend, played by Silicon Valley’s Zach Woods, veer in unexpected directions. But a great deal of the “can you believe this family / city” moments are oddly played for laughs, and as such, this dramedy feels quite a lot like Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl or People, Places, Things, or (insert pretty much any lo-fi dramedy that invariably debuted at Sundance).

Still there’s a lot to like here, from a dance performance that rivals Little Miss Sunshine, (another Sundance flick), as well as Plemons finally maturing into a lead role, to a recurring joke involving the band Train that eventually becomes funny and poignant, Other People is not groundbreaking but it is cozy, which is perhaps Other People‘s desired end.

[star v=3]