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Review: I'm So Excited


As coach passengers sleep in a drug-induced stupor, an eclectic group of first class flyers and a bizarre flight crew pass time telling stories, dancing, and confronting the problems that await on the ground.

Who’s in it?
Well, the film has boasted that Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz star; perhaps a gross exaggeration. They are in cameo roles, at best, opening the film as air traffic controllers in love. After that scene that lasts a few minutes and has really nothing to do with anything, our actual cast is introduced, of which there is no one especially noteworthy for a North American audience.

The easy joke would be to say the title is more like, ‘I’m So Bored!’ That is exactly how you will feel through nearly this entire odd, meandering, and pointless film that does not make you laugh. Maybe that the title is how you feel once the film is done, declaring that you are ready to get on with your life.

These are simple jokes, but I’m sad to say they are cleverer than anything in this Pedro Almodovar film about strange first class passengers and an even stranger flight crew. When the landing gear is screwed up, it turns out that instead of flying across the Atlantic from Spain, this flight is circling around the peninsula. The crew has drugged the people in coach, and some of themselves, leaving just a few awake, including a trio of flamboyant and crude stewards.

A rich snob of a woman, a passionate young couple on a honeymoon, a mysterious gent, and older man with family issues, and a very horny middle aged virgin woman make up the odd collection of passengers about whom we are supposed to care.

There is little in fact to fret over, and it would seem even less to contemplate. Confronting with the possibility of crash landing, which in fact never really feels like a threat in this silly attempt at a comedy, the passengers phone people on the ground, deal with whatever issues they have, and make friends or something.

The flight crew too deals with their own issues, which seem to mostly involve who is sleeping with who.

The only thing that makes the film watchable is the use of colour, as the interior of the plane is bathed in reds and blues, and the sun seems to be shining in from outside constantly. The flight uniforms stand out, and there is a warmth that permeates the film, serving to thankfully distract at times from the inane conversations and unnecessary plot contrivances.

There is but a lone almost funny moment. It would perhaps have been funnier were anything preceding it make you chuckle – it’s the film equivalent of warming up an audience. The original Spanish title of the film did not have an appropriate translation for English, and so it’s called I’m So Excited, after The Pointer Sisters song of the same name. In a lip-synch interlude, the crew performs the song for the passengers, dancing up and down the aisles in a very entertaining scene that elicits more sympathy that laughter.

More like, ‘I’m so sorry.’

Should You See It?
No, not now, or ever.

Memorable Quote:
The only thing memorable is the song! Let’s forget everything else.

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