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Game Of Thrones Comes To Toronto

TIFF and HBO Canada have teamed up to bring Game Of Thrones to Toronto, and best of all, it’s free! Running now until March 18th, the Game Of Thrones Exhibition at the TIFF  Bell Lightbox gives you an inside look at all of your favourite Game Of Thrones props, costumes, photos, and videos from the show.

Featuring the Iron Throne and the head of Ned Stark on a pike, there’s lots of cool stuff from the show that any fan would enjoy. With tickets being free, it’s worth going to if only for a few minutes, since there’s not much to see. Costumes and props from the show are on display, but only enough so that it would take you 5 minutes  to see them all. You can get your picture taken on the iron throne, but there’s a long lineup. But hey, who can complain about free stuff in your city and nowhere else? If you’re up for calling TIFF at 416-599-TIFF/1-888-599-8433 and being put on hold while the same song plays over and over on an endless loop, go for it. If you don’t want to be bothered, well, Game Of Thrones’ second season starts April 1st on HBO.

Jake Horowitz

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