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The Grand Seduction Red Carpet Premiere in Toronto

Made up of a predominantly Canadian cast and crew – and one very talented and accomplished Irish actor – The Grand Seduction held its Toronto premiere this week ahead of its wide release at the end of the month.

Having been first shown during the Toronto International Film Festival, adapts a Quebec film from 2003, setting the story this time in beautiful Newfoundland.

It’s there that the small harbor of Tickle Head and its population of 120 is seeking a doctor to take up residency. Led by Murray French (Brendan Gleeson), the town concocts lie after lie to seduce a young surgeon (Taylor Kitsch) to work indefinitely so that the town can secure a factory that would provide jobs to the struggling village.

Gleeson, Kitsch, as well as North York native Liane Balaban, Newfoundland comedian Mark Critch, and director Don McKeller all came to Toronto for the premiere, greeting fans and taking time to chat on the red carpet. They introduced the film, welcomed a couple other actors from the film to the stage, and stuck around for a funny and revealing Q&A afterwards.

The Grand Seduction opens May 30th.

Photography Credit: Marc Levy

Anthony Marcusa

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