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CFC Presents: Mad Men (Review)

If you’re not already obsessed with the wild new twist the epic drama series Mad Men has indulged in this season, you should get involved, like now. Especially since the CFC teamed up with AMC to provide us with a special screening of the fifth episode, along with a special guest appearance from André and Maria Jacquemetton, executive producers that wrote the episode 505 along with Star Trek: Enterprise and Highlander (for all you fan boys out there).

Jon Hamm’s notorious Don Draper figure is on the rocks as they enter 1966 with Season 5. André tells us, “He’s a dinosaur. He’s not hip.” I was originally confused about Jessica Paré’s incredible influence and we find out it was totally a fluke that she and Jon created such a dynamic chemistry on screen. It’s this new switch of roles that has attracted me (along with a slew of Beliebers) to become die-hard fans of this drama.

But the most important thing of all is the fact that this is still a drama, and a hilarious one at that, with a lot of accidental humor that brings a different type of comfort that you can only get with very dark, serious historical context. Maria explains, “If you want to feel good, turn on a sitcom.” “There’s a yearning for decorum in our society today,” says Maria. We’re currently taking a throwback to the sixties which miraculously coincides with the moment the Mad Men series has arrived in. Isn’t that just a stroke of luck?

But when it comes to the actual writing process, the Jacquemettons explain that they know what Don’s character should be like, but everything else is up in the air. There’s no Gossip Girl-style writing with a gazillion cliff-hangers, but just a lot of research to portray a moment in time as accurately as possible. I think it’s that genuine desire to try to live in a time without that hindsight that keeps us on our toes. It’s like we’re living in that moment all over again. “We don’t go out of our way to surprise our audience,” says André. And that’s what keeps us coming back, week after week.


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